Miami is a big city with a lot of rented accommodation on offer. There is also a lot of competition. Travelers Haven works hard to be the best, so it’s always nice to be recognized for the work we do. Here are a few positive messages from happy clients.

Thanks you Travelers Haven for finding me a lovely apartment to use while I worked at Jackson Memorial. I could walk to work, felt safe and spent six lovely months in Miami before going home.

Dr. J. Porter. Chicago

I had to oversee improvements to Miami International for a few weeks and really didn’t relish the idea of airport hotels. Fortunately, Travelers Haven delivered. They found me a nice little place a short drive away from the airport and the beach. It was the perfect contract. I worked during the day, went to the beach after work, then home once the sun went down. Perfect, thanks Travelers Haven!

Ray Baker. Vancouver

We would like to express gratitude to Travelers Haven for finding us a holiday “vacation” rental in Miami in November. There is nothing like a winter in Stockholm, so our family decided to pool resources and travel to the sun for a month. It was the best winter in years. Travelers Haven provided us a nice home with its own pool, near to the shops and not too far from the beach. The company was very understanding of the limitations of transatlantic communication and time-zones and sorted everything out for us.

A. Larsson. Stockholm, Sweden

Travelers Haven found us a lovely spot near Biscayne Park and we loved it. They took care of everything and all we had to do was sign. Great work.

Quentin Reeves. Ohio

As an artist, the blue of an ocean view does something to color. It brings it to life and adds a light ethereal quality to it. That’s why it’s important to paint by the sea. Travelers Haven found me a furnished apartment with an ocean view with a balcony where I could sit and express myself freely. I painted from dawn until dawn and loved every single second. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

B.M. Dallas

We regularly contact Travelers Haven to find suitable accommodation for our scientific personnel when in Miami for conferences or to work. We have a lot of people who are very in demand. We need a rental company we can rely on to deliver, and Travelers Haven is it.

Sam Griffin. San Francisco

Travelers Haven saved our lives. The accommodation we had arranged had been double booked and the other people got there first. We called Travelers Haven in a bit of a state and they dealt with us calmly and professionally. We only had to stay in a motel one night while they got everything ready. I should have used them first. Next time we take an extended vacation I will be calling again.

Mr. Rhodes. Augusta